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Salomon Salomonder 156cm Snowboard 2013/14

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Designed, tested, and popularized with the help of jib sensei Jed Anderson and mass-hole Chris Grenier, the Salomon Salomonder 156cm Snowboard has grown some legs to stand on. You know what it is, featuring a Super Flat Profile, No Chip Tips, and EQ3 Sidecuts mixed with an Easy Press Core for street supremacy over all others.

- profile: flat
- shape: true twin
- flex: 2 (soft)
- terrain: freestyle

- length: 156 cm
- waist width: 25,8 cm
- nose/tail length: 19,0 cm
- tail / nose width: 30,4 cm
- min/max stance: 50,4 cm - 65,6 cm

- base: extruded
- core: Aspen Strong
- suspension: Royal Rubber Pads
- Easy Press Core

For this board we recommend to use a binding in size M/L.

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