March 2017

Since nearly a year Marc Johnson rides for adidas. Time to provide him with his first pro model: the Matchcourt Mid x MJ. Tennis is still possible in this one but it’s made for 100% skateboarding.

Marc Johnson and tennis indeed have something in common. While one was the star on every court around the globe, the other was at least youth champion at table tennis. Luckily, both found their way into skateboarding sooner or later.

And it’s just here where the full potential of both comes out. Marc Johnson became SOTY in 2007 and ten years later, the Matchcourt gets hooked up with the newest features to make him a solid and tough companion during your session. And as it looks, the new best friend of Marc Johnson:

The “Carolina Blue” of the pig nubuck suede is no coincidence. The colour that is called Pantone 542 by experts is the corporate colourway of the University of North Carolina and thus an homage to the home and skate roots of Marc Johnson.

Especially the details make the Matchcourt Mid a winner: In combination with the obligatory three white stripes, the gold embroidered initials MJ as well as the adidas logo on the outside of the shoe give the Matchcourt a subtle but noble look. Vintage prints on the tongue remind of the golden era of the brand by showcasing the iconic line “The brand with the three stripes”. All these little aspects make the new adidas matchcourt Mid x MJ a wonderful eye catcher.

But the modernised tennis shoe has even more to offer! Behind the classic design, you’ll find ate-of-the-art skate shoe technology: A modern eye-stay construction prevents wear and tear, while an abrasion-resistant rubber toe-cap and as well as a vulcanised rubber outsole provide durability, board feel and grip. The PU insole gives you comfort, stability and a nice impact protection. With those features, the new Marc Johnson pro model is the perfect combination of classic Matchcourt aesthetic and skateboard performance.


"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!" - H.S.T.