May 2016

For skateboarders, the personal setup is something really special. It’s your everyday weapon, your love and your brother in arms at the same time. Every skater prefers different hardware and chooses individual components because everyone has a different taste. What are the favourites of our team riders? Let’s take a closer look at Ben Dillinger’s setup.

Ben Dillinger - Setup

Ben Dillinger – Setup

You’ve always wanted to know which trucks, skateboard decks, bearings, wheels, griptapes, and mounting kits our team riders prefer? Here you’ll get the answers. Check out Ben’s individual choice, get to know why he is skating these products.

EMillion Pro Club Dillinger 8.125 Deck at skatedeluxe

Ben Dillingers Deck

Brand: Emillion Skateboards
Size: 8.125″
Concave: Medium

“… I didn’t break a skateboard deck by EMillion so far”

all EMillion Skateboards at skatedeluxe
Thunder 147 High Lights Titanium #3 Trucks

Ben Dillingers Trucks

Brand: Thunder
Größe: 147
Typ: High Lights Titanium

“… weight and steering behaviour are perfect”

all Thunder Trucks at skatedeluxe
Bones STF-V3 Series II 54mm Wheels

Ben Dillingers Wheels

Brand: Bones Wheels
Größe: 54mm
Typ: STF-V3

“… no flatpsots & perfect feeling and grip during powerslides”

all Bones Wheels at skatedeluxe
Bones Reds Bearings

Ben Dillingers Bearings

Brand: Bones
Typ: Reds

“… long-lasting quality”

Bones Bearings at skatedeluxe
EMillion Small Logo Griptape

Ben Dillingers Grip

Brand: Emillion

“… optimal grain”

EMillion Griptape
 SK8DLX Premium Bolts 1'' Allen Hardware

Ben Dillingers Hardware

Brand: SK8DLX
Typ: Allen

“… From a purely visual viewpoint I mostly like Allen screws”

SK8DLX Hardware at skatedeluxe

If this encouraged you to take action then check out our skate shop and our skateboarding factory and refresh your old setup or get ready with a new one.



“Skateboarding doesn’t make you a skateboarder. Not being able to stop skateboarding makes you a skateboarder.” Lance Mountain