March 2017

The Wino G6 may not be a new model but a new shoe, indeed. This hybrid between a sneaker and a skate shoe was demanded by the fans and build in perfection by Emerica. With the help of some useful features, the Emerica Wino G6 is finally ready to skate.

Comfort and durability are essential for a skate shoe. Both are not really common aspects of canvas and everyone who tried some Kickflips with a canvas shoe knows that massive blowouts are guaranteed. Therefore, Emerica switched to long lasting suede to make the Wino G6 a tough companion.

To give you more support, the Wino G6 got a double-wrapped vulcanized sole for more stability and durability. As with vulcanized outsoles, you also get a lot of grip and board feel. Combined with the infamous G6 polyurethane insole you get a perfect impact protection and can handle gaps and stair sets without fear. Jon Dickson and Jeremy Leabres show you how:

If you turn a sneaker into a skate shoe it’s also about the look. To make sure everybody finds the right shoe for his style the Emerica Wino G6 comes in three different colourways. Whether you like it all black, black and white or as Jeremy Leabres colourway in navy gum white with designed insoles, with the Wino G6 you will rock the club and the skate park either way.

Also, you don’t have to be afraid of a loose fit or a bruised weak spot with this shoe. The innovative Heel Anchor System keeps your feet locked inside the shoe with the help of an arch styled padding supporting your heels and your ankles. On top of that, the extra “Tuff Cuff” padding prevents fabric from cutting into the back of your foot, allowing you to skate longer in comfort. With the Wino G6 Emerica presents a nice hybrid shoe that combines the elegance of a sneaker with all the necessary features of a full-fledged skate shoe.


“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!” – H.S.T.