April 2017

Do you like it wide? Independent too! The Californians bring you the brand-new 144 trucks that perfectly fit to your 8.25″ deck! A must-have for all technicians, perfectionists and those who like it precise!

8.25? That’s a job for the good ol’ 139’s or 149’s! Sure, but even though these are classics, in both cases there’s this half inch that is either too much or missing. Now is the time for perfection without compromise because Independent got the perfect solution. The Independent 144 Stage 11 trucks fit like a tailor-made suit and provide you and your 8.25 board with nothing less than the optimal riding comfort and accuracy of fit! Built to fit! Built to grind!

Besides the widely known quality, Independent also gives you a wide range of models with the new 144 trucks. And width is what those trucks are made for! No matter if you grab the Independent 144 Stage 11 standard truck, the 144 Forged Hollow model or the super light 144 Forged Titanium truck, these trucks are always the right choice for your 8.25 setup.


"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!" - H.S.T.