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Thomas Graf
Alex Denkiewicz
Kevin Ozcan
Amiel Kornicki
Christoph Weiss
Willow Voges Fernandes
Franco Simeoni
Charlie Verboven
Florian Hachenberger
Tarik Ungewitter

Tours & Trips

Manny Lopez Boardslide Berlin

Welcome to Berlin

Berlin – a city with character and history, melting pot of cultures in Germany and beyond, and when it comes to skateboarding, the ‘place to be’. Reasons enough for Denny Pham, Matt Debauche, Douwe Macare and the new skatedeluxe team riders Manny Lopez, Tim Janke and Sascha Scharf to explore the German capital for one summer week.
Watch the ‘Welcome To Berlin’ Clip
Denny Pham pushing Lisbon

LISDLX | Lisbon

In the early summer of the year 2017, the skatedeluxe Skate Team with Denny Pham, Willow, Douwe Macare, Ben Dillinger and Christoph Radtke went through Lisbon, where hilly cobblestone deserts meet perfect spots in vastly varying districts. Cinematographer Severin Strauss and photographer Florian ‘Burny’ Hopfensperger joined in on the trip to capture it on film.
Check the LISDLX | Lisbon Clip
Douwe Macare Wien

Into The Valley Trip

In 2016 the skatedeluxe team went on a 10-day trip to Austria to check the versatile Spots in Innsbruck and Vienna. Check the clips featuring Willow, Denny Pham, Douwe Macare, Christoph Radtke and Ben Dillinger. P.S. Austria is always worth a visit!
Check the Into the Valley Trip
skatedeluxe | SK8DLX - London Calling

London Calling

London always was one the Meccas in European Skateboarding next to Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen. Reasons enough for Denny Pham and Douwe Macare to do a weekend trip to cruise around Great Britain’s capital.
Douwe & Denny in London
Matt Debauche and Kevin Ozcan

Bienvenue à Paris

At least since 2016 is was pretty clear: The new Place To Be in Europeam Skateboarding is Paris. The French team colleagues Matt Débauché, Kevin Ozcan and Amiel Kornicki took Douwe Macare to the Place de la République, Rue Bouchardon, Gare D’Austerlitz and Porte de Pantin aus.
Matt, Douwe, Amiel & Kevin in Paris
skatedeluxe Fried Fried West Tour

Fried Fried West Tour

Willow, Denny Pham, Ben Dillinger, Christoph Radtke, Douwe Macare and Matt Débauché, two vans, three countries, more than eight cities, fries, frikandel, baguettes and beer = Fried Fried West Tour in the Netherlands, Belgium and France!
all Webisodes of the Fried Fried West Tour
Denny Pham - China - skatedeluxe

SK8DLX China Tour

Why always stay in Europe? That the Middle Kingdom has to offer thousands of perfect spots is by that time no secret anymore. In winter 2013, already before the “China-Footage-Overkill” the skatedeluxe Team went to China.
all Webisodes of the #SK8DLXCHINA Tour
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