January 2016

2015 was an incredible year for skateboarding. We want to take this chance to introduce to you: the top skateboard deck brands of the year.

This entry is all about giving you an insight through the eyes of skatedeluxe. Which brands dominated your year in 2015? Our compilation of the ‘brands of the year’ is based on a combined check of deck sales, brand shop visits, your search requests and common interest on blog entries to skateboarding’s MVPs. Our in-house brand SK8DLX has been left out of the ranking. Still, we want to thank you that you keep skating our boards and that you seem to like what we put out. Enough talking, let’s start with the Top 15 skateboard deck brands of the year 2015

The best brands & clips of 2017

#15: Polar Skateboards

#15: Polar Skateboards
With Polar, Pontus Alv created an absolute beast of a company. The brand from Sweden delivers creative artwork and an incredible team that embodies skateboarding in a true and authentic way. Polar decks start at 60€!

#14: Palace Skateboards

#14: Palace Skateboards
If one brand is allowed to say that it went through the roof in 2015, it is Palace Skateboards from London, UK. Convincing and still humorous, Palace stands for quality. You all love it. We love it. Their boards start at 55€.

#13: Welcome Skateboards

#13: Welcome
Welcome has its focus on the product. They are not seeing skateboarding as a pure field of investment and profit. This philosophy makes them worthy of every support imaginable. You guys thought the same and pushed the company with the amazing shaped decks to our Top 15. Pricepoint: 70€

#12: Zero Skateboards

#12: Zero
There could not be any other godfather more fitting to Zero than Jamie Thomas. The ones of you who love hardcore skateboarding found a new home at Zero Skateboards. For 60€, you get their decks underneath your feet!

#11: Flip Skateboards

#11: Flip
Seeing Flip Skateboards in our Top 15 is not a surprise at all. Luan Oliviera, Louie Lopez, Matt Berger, Curren Caples, Alec Majerus and AM Denny Pham represent a company that stands for creative skateboarding and progress ever since. Our shop offers you decks starting 65€.

#10: Toy Machine Skateboards

#10: Toy Machine
A team of hard skating psychos, legendary artworks, skateboarding without compromises… this is Toy Machine. This iconic brand has been supported by the skate-comunity since their establishment. You honored the commitment of the company by putting their boards on your trucks in 2015. Decks are starting at 50€!

#09: enjoi Skateboards

#09: enjoi
enjoi – The name says it all. Followers of this brand have been celebrating the sick humor of the crazy posse for over 15 years now. enjoi decks are starting at 55€.

#08: Baker Skateboards

#08: Baker
The board company of Andrew Reynolds embodies the reckless lifestyle of a whole generation of skateboarders. For most, Baker is more than a brand. It’s a hard working gang of individuals that never rested on their laurels. The decks with the legendary OG-concave are available for 65€.

#07: Girl Skateboards

#07: Girl
Girl decks are characterized by their amazing pop. So the team around Eric Koston, Brandon Biebel and Sean Malto easily jumped onto our list. Decks are available for 60€!

#06: Real Skateboards

#06: Real
Real Skateboards means pure dedication and commitment. The ones of you who swear on the brand from San Francisco sign this statement which is underlined by team riders Dennis Busenitz, Davis Ferguson, Kyle Walker and Ishod Wair. Pricepoint: 60€

#05: Almost Skateboards

#05: Almost
It takes one short look on the team of Dwindle’s powerhouse Almost to have an overview of the most creative and progressive riders in skateboarding today: Mullen, Haslam, Willow, Amrani, and Song! Known for their technology that makes their boards nearly undestroyable. You are on it for 60€.

#04: Element Skateboards

#04: Element
Element’s guideline is ‘Wind, Water, Fire & Earth’. This can be seen as the perfect description of the lifestyle and the balanced team of individuals. For 65€ you can put an Element deck underneath your feet.

#03: Plan B Skateboards

#03: Plan B
We are starting to put the first brand on the pedestal. With PJ Ladd, Chris Cole, Chris Joslin, Torey Pudwill, and Felipe Gustavo, this brand is sheltering the crème de la crème of international skateboarding. Since 1991 these decks stand for quality and for most of you, they are the only choice! no alternatives. Just Plan B! Pricepoint is 60€.

#02: Jart Skateboarts

#02: Jart Skateboards
Jart Skateboards are one of the few European brands that are still producing on this continent. A fortress of European skateboarding so to say. With an unbeatable prize of 45€, this company deserved a second place in our rankings. Congrats Jart!

#01: EMillion Skateboards

#01: EMillion
Your number 1 in 2015 is called EMillion Skateboards. The brand from Bavaria stands for quality and commitment. Additionally, the brands supports artists and an amazing team of skateboarders. Put that and add an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio and you know why this company is number one! Congratulations EMillion. You are skatedeluxe’s Top Skateboard Deck Brand 2015!!! In celebration of this we have an amazing EMillion Skateboarts sale over at the shop!


Of course, 2015 also stands for a line of new companies that drew a lot of attention on them and we are talking about some serious game-changers here. There was Sour Skateboards, who had an incredible launch (or are we talking of a comeback?) as well as Isle Skateboards (did you hear about the Bright European Skateboarding Awards 2016?), Krooked and many more. We are hyped for this year and can’t wait to explore whatever there is to come with all of you guys! We would love to know your opinion. Which are your favorite deck brands. Feel free to comment below.



"Skateboarding is not a hobby. And it's not a sport. Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you." - Ian MacKaye