December 2016

‘Grind Ahoy’, everybody! The year is nearly over and we summed up for you what metal you liked the most under your decks. Check out our top 5 truck brands of 2016 and learn more about our costumer’s favourite grind devices!

Have we grinded all trucks ourselves? We really tried but let’s keep it real, we didn’t grind all of them. Nevertheless, we have a good insight on what you liked most and what sold best this year. Our ranking of the ‘Truck Brands of the Year’ is made up of sold trucks, brand shop visits, search queries and your interest in blog entries regarding the top players in the business. But even if we haven’t had all trucks under our decks, we can ensure you that those brands are also our evergreens at skatedeluxe.

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#05: Destructo
Last year the Californian Brand didn’t make it in the top 5, but this year Destructo is back in the game! For a good reason! Because these trucks are made of special aluminium so they can keep a very low weight and provide stability and technical innovation, such as an inboard kingpin at the same time. With these trucks, you do not have to be afraid of any curb. It’s no wonder that skaters like Kenny Reed, Mike Vallely and Drake Wiseman stand on trucks from Destructo! You get your pair of Destructos at skatedeluxe from 26,99 € | GBP!

#04: Polster
Stability, lightness and quality! Polster trucks have made it up one place in 2016 and climbed up to #4 in your ranking. Congratulations to the Mob team, which makes these trucks. Here you can see that attention to details and innovations like a rounded axle pin and a specifically positioned kingpin pays off. Your new Polster trucks are available from 20,99 € | GBP!

#03: Independent Trucks

#03: Independent
An absolute integral part of the top 5 and an indestructible guarantee for endless grinds: Independent Trucks. For over 30 years skateboarders have shredded through world history with these trucks, which have lost nothing of its cult and attractiveness. Today, Independent counts more than 300 A-list team riders and for only 34.99 € (GBP) you can put trucks with a life-long (!) warranty under your board! Also pretty cool: The skatedeluxe x Independent series – Check them out! You still want names? Ok, here’s my personal Independent pro top 5: Andrew Reynolds, Ali Boulala, Chris Haslam, Kenny Anderson, Jaws.

#02: Venture Trucks

#02: Venture
Low Lights! At Venture, you will not only find simple designs at fair prices but above all high-quality trucks for all your needs. The brand developed from the idea of Independent co-founders Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello, who had chosen to offer trucks with the highest quality for a small budget. Almost at the same time, the first low axis in skateboard history was developed, which revolutionized street skateboarding. Today, the selection of trucks has also added light versions. Low Lights? But only in high quality from Venture trucks. You get your pair from 24,99 € | GBP!

#01: Thunder Trucks

#01: Thunder
‘Thunder Trucks!’ – Even AC/DC have sung about it because metal and Thunder simply belong together. The self-titled ‘Leaders in Control’ have pushed themselves from last year’s third place all the way up to the top and earned the title as skatedeluxe’s top skateboard truck brand of 2016. Congratulations! But what makes a real winner? On one hand, the weight: with their Hollow series Thunder goes for a light construction and excellent stability, which makes your set-up feathery but at the same time remains perfectly controllable. On the other hand, the choice of options: High or Low? No problem with Thunder. With a wide selection of different truck designs, everyone will find exactly the right trucks for their needs. Are you a winner type as well? Then put on a pair from 24.99 € | GPB.


Your personal top brand is not listed? Don’t worry, you’ll find them at the skatedeluxe online skate shop. Additionally to our top 5, you can get trucks from several other brands at skatedeluxe such as Royal, Silver, Tensor, and Krux. What is your favourite brand when it comes to trucks? Let us know in the comment section below. We wish you a happy new year – Never stop pushing!



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