December 2017

Which skateboard wheel brand has the best urethane? Is it about the flatspot resistance or about shapes like round cut and conical cut? We gathered a top 5 list of your favourite skateboard wheels of 2017.

Questions about skate hardgoods are often a hot topic in the scene. A thing that is always open for discussion: which skateboard wheels are the best? Which wheels are really resistant to flatspots and which urethane mixture is the most durable? Unfortunately, we don’t have a lab with crazy scientists that could provide answers to those questions. But instead, we used a rad formula that contains wheel sales, search queries, brand shop visits and other parameters to create a list of your favourite skateboard wheels of this year. Have fun with your top 5 of this year’s skateboard wheel brands.

The Top Skateboard Wheel Brands 2017

Wayward Wheels

#05: Wayward Wheels

Subtle style and high quality are benchmarks of Wayward Wheels, who are the new guys on the block in our rating. That the wheels are capable to hold up to your expectations is something we tested in our Wayward Wheels skate test. Wayward skateboard wheels are available at skatedeluxe from 42.99 EUR | 40.00 GBP. Photo: Thomas Gentsch

OJ Wheels Wheels

#04: OJ Wheels

Original wheels for original skateboarding. We welcome OJ Wheels from California as the latest addition to our ranking of your favourite wheels of 2017. By the way, also the wheels of choice of pros like Nick Boserio, Jon Dickson, Justin Figueroa or Madars Apse. OJ skateboard wheels are available at skatedeluxe from 44.99 EUR | 40.00 GBP.

Ricta Wheels

#03: Ricta Wheels

The motto of the Californian wheel brand on rank #3 is #TheFastestWheels and there has to be something to it because you guys like Ricta Wheels! Last in line one year ago and now in the top 3, well deserved. Ricta skateboard wheels are available at skatedeluxe from 32.99 EUR | 27.00 GBP.

Bones Wheels

#02: Bones Wheels

Of course, the skateboard wheel legends are at the top of our ranking this year as well. Bones Wheels have 40 years of experience in the business and are home to the ‘who is who’ of skateboarding. Bones skateboard wheels are available at skatedeluxe from 34.99 EUR | 28.00 GBP.


#01: Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Wheels has been your favourite wheel brand this year and won the everlasting fight for the first place against Bones in 2017. So you guys are into the same urethane as Daewon Song, Collin Provost or Daan van der Linden. Spitfire skateboard wheels are available at skatedeluxe from 39.99 EUR | 35.00 GBP.

To sum things up:

Here is an overview of the best skateboard wheel brands:

Do you swear by different urethane? Leave us a comment which wheel brand is invincible in your opinion.

If you don’t care that much about recommended skateboard wheel brands but rather want an overview of the technologies & shapes of different manufacturers, you should take a look at our skateboard wheel wiki! Otherwise, click through our Best of 2015 & 2016 lists and prepare for more highlights from 2017 – we already wish you a happy 2018!


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