February 2016

Not too long ago, we introduced you to the ‘Top 15 Skateboard Deck brands of 2015’. Since you seemed to like this one, and due to the fact that we have been asked for the best skateboard trucks as well, we are happy to present you the Top 5 Skateboard Truck Brands of last year!

The principles remain the same: We want to give you an insight on which brands you guys supported the most. The ranking results from a combination of sold trucks, brand-shop visits, search requests and your interest on Blog news and entries.

The best brands & clips of 2017

#05: Polster Trucks

#05: Polster
The trucks from Polster are bringing you the perfect balance of stability and light-weight. The aluminium trucks were designed with love and have a rounded axlenut. This is for a reason! There is nothinh worst than a shredded thread which makes a wheel-change more exhausting than the session following it. You get your Polster trucks at skatedeluxe starting 19,99€. This price is unbeatable and therefore, Polster easily made it to the ranks.

#04: Tensor Trucks

#04: Tensor
Founded by legend Rodney Mullen in 2000, Tensor is a synonym for relentless progression concerning skateboard trucks. Them magnesium trucks are in average 25% lighter than others. There is no way around Tensor Trucks once you want a light high-tech setup. Pricepoint: 49,99€

#03: Venture Trucks

#03: Venture Trucks
The Top 3 is opened by Venture Trucks. The high-quality fabricated trucks are characterized by their ideal combination of durability and weight. An incredible skate team, including riders like Brandon Biebel, Torey Pudwill, Windsor James, Chris Joslin, and Brandon Westgate is shaping the image of the brand! For 24,99€ you get your Venture trucks mounted to your plank. Welcome on the grind!

#02: Thunder Trucks

#02: Thunder
Thunder calls itself the ‘Leader in Control’ and the skate community seems to see this the same way! The ones who mount Thunders know what they can expect. The innovative Hollow-models of the company are known to be the perfect combination of weight, stability and agility! Malto, Cole, Thomas and Wair have their hands down for Thunder! You get yours for 24,99€!

#01: Independent Trucks

#01: Independent
Built to grind: Independent rule the market for over 30 years now. The company is surrounded by some kind of religious cult. We are not too surprised that this company nailed the first spot of our 2015 top skateboard trucks ranking. The undestroyable trucks come with a lifetime (!) warranty and can be bought starting 34,99€. Sounds like the safest investment you’ll ever make, doesn’t it? Andrew Reynolds, Bob Burnquist, Steve Caballero, Geoff Rowley, Justin Figueroa, Mark Gonzales, Jeff Grosso, Louie Lopez, and Leo Romero are a slight part of the legendary team of the Independent Trucks Co.! Congratulations, skatedeluxe Skateboard Trucks Brand of the year 2015!


Besides the already mentioned top 5, you also backed the grind-metals of Destructo, Silver, Royal, and Krux! And of course we know, that the choice of your trucks is some kind of spiritual decision. Once you have found the trucks of your choice, you might just stick to them forever! We are excited to see where 2016 leads us. Please feel free to share your favorite truck brand in the comments.



"Skateboarding is not a hobby. And it's not a sport. Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you." - Ian MacKaye