August 2020

Kyle Walker’s second pro shoe got quite a few updates when compared to its predecessor. We tested the Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 for you in this review.

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Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 | Wear Test

Kyle Walker is known for stopping at nothing when it comes to choosing a spot. Skate shoes are the thing that he needs to rely on the most. The Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 is therefore designed for support and comes with a number of features.

The Vans technology for the Kyle Pro 2

The second Kyle Pro from Vans also uses the Wafflecup construction, which is combined with vulcanized elements. Advantages such as the stability of cupsoles in combination with the boardfeel and flick of vulcanized shoe soles really come to the forefront.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 | Wear Test

In addition, the Kyle Pro 2 is fitted with Vans technologies like DURACAP and PopCush insoles. The Kyle Pro 2’s most noticeable new feature is the Velcro strap as opposed to its laced-up predecessor. This feature proved successful with the Slip-On EXP Pro.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 | Wear Test

First impression & fit

The Vans Kyle Pro 2 looked quite bulky to me. In contrast to my preferred skate shoes, the Kyle 2 also seems a bit heavy. This is probably due to the Wafflecup sole, which is quite thick at the heel. Nevertheless, the sole is very flexible right from the start.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 | Wear Test

There’s no doubt that the Kyle Pro 2 is super comfortable. This is thanks to the PopCush insole as well as the integrated sockliner, which works like the Vans LuxLiner. While the tongue of the shoe is unpadded, the Kyle 2 has generous padding around ankle and heel.

In addition to the Velcro strap, the silhouette of the shoe ensures a firm fit. The Kyle Walker Pro 2 fits tightly at the midfoot and the Velcro strap allows you to adjust the stability more precisely in the ankle region.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 | Wear Test

I would describe the fit of the Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 as regular. There is also room for wider feet. However, getting into them the first time is a bit difficult, although the loops at the heel are helpful.

Boardfeel, grip & support

It took me about half an hour to get used to the Kyle Pro 2. Despite the rather thick sole, I had a good feeling on the board. The only thing that didn’t suit my taste was that there was too much material in the heel area between my foot and the deck. Grip and flick are on point with this skate shoe and leave nothing to be desired. I also noticed the impact protection through the combination of the Wafflecup sole and PopCush footbed.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 | Wear Test

The hold in the shoe is, as mentioned, mainly due to the tight fit at the mid foot. It took me some time to adjust the Velcro faster just right. If you tend to tie your skate shoes very tight at the ankle, the Kyle Pro 2 might be a bit unusual for you. But the special thing about this design is that the shoe offers a lot of freedom of movement, despite heavy padding and a tight fit.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 | Wear Test


The design of Vans’ Kyle Pro 2 is well thought out. There are hardly any seams in the areas that are heavily stressed by the griptape. Instead, that’s where you’ll find the elevated rubber lining of the Wafflecup sole. The wear of the suede upper is therefore minimal.

After several sessions with the second Kyle Walker Pro model, the most wear and tear was on the outsole. The sole profile and the vulcanized element of the Wafflecup construction lost some material due to the griptape abrasion. I think the shoe will last for many more sessions.


The Vans Kyle Pro 2 is a versatile & durable skate shoe with a fresh design. The shoe is designed for skateboarding with high impact, but also offers plenty of room for technical tricks due to the freedom of movement. If you’re looking for a slip-on skate shoe with a little more cushioning, the Vans Kyle Pro 2 is the clear recommendation for you.


  • Upper design & durability
  • Grip & Flick
  • Fit & stability
  • Impact protection


  • Durability of the outsole


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