July 2018

On July 6th, Vans celebrated the premiere of their newest shoe, the TNT Advanced Prototype at the house of Vans in London. We were there for you to get some first impressions and to test whether the new skate shoe from Vans lives up to its promise.

  • House Of Vans London
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Colourways
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Colourways Close Up
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Black-White-Red
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Black-Magenta-White
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Blackout
  • Tony Trujillo and The Bunt Interview

Tony Trujillo and Vans have gone hand in hand for 20 years and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a new TNT shoe in three different colourways. The official premiere took place at the House of Vans, and skaters from all over the world came for the event.

The doors and tunnels of the House of Vans were open to everyone, but before it really started, people were served burritos, tacos and beer – For free of course. For an informative press conference about the TNT Advanced Prototype, Tony Trujillo and the guys from the Canadian Skateboarding podcast series “The Bunt” were flown into town.

After the event, we tested the new Vans TNT Advanced Prototype to give you our first impression.


  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype On Board
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype On Board Front

The “Vans x Tony Trujillo” recipe for success has been around since 1997. For the Vans TNT Advanced Prototype, they held nothing back in terms of product design. This updated version of the classic skate shoe is equipped with an UltraCush Lite 3D footbed, reinforced Duracap, and a material mix that combines ventilation and durability. To guarantee the highest level of safety when jumping high gaps and stairs, the famous Waffle Sole from Vans has also been redesigned.

Fit & Board Feel

The first time you slip into the shoe, you realize that it’s not Vans’ first skate shoe. As far as product development is concerned, Costa Mesa surpassed itself once again. The TNT Advanced Prototype makes a solid impression from the front to the back. High quality materials, coupled with innovative technology.

  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Sole & Insole
    Foto: Theo Acworth
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Ultracush 3D Lite
    Foto: Theo Acworth

The UltraCush Lite 3D footbed combines light-footedness with responsiveness, ensuring cushioning, boardfeel, and heel support at its finest thanks to a heel-shaped heel clip. Paired with the new highly functional Waffle tread pattern and the advanced Waffle sole, it creates a broken-in feel right from the start. In short – Skate it right out of the box.

The fact that there is plenty of advanced tech in this shoe becomes blatantly clear when you step onto the board for the first time. The Vans TNT Advanced Prototype delivers board feel and breathability en masse. Just a little more stability in the sides would have been nice.


  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Wear Test
    Foto: Theo Acworth
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Wear Test
    Foto: Theo Acworth
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Wear Test Southbank
  • Vans TNT Advanced Prototype Wear Test Southbank

Vans has been developing skate shoes since 1966. You can feel that with the TNT Advanced Prototype shoe. The reinforced Duracap & rubber upper material is not particularly susceptible to fresh griptapes. The Waffle Sole also makes a very robust impression. Even after about 15 hours on the board, the shoe is still in good shape.


The Vans TNT Advanced Prototype shoe comes with incredibly good cushioning, a massive amount of grip, and offers plenty of durability. Vans proves once again that they are still at the top of the “Skate Shoe Champions League”. But remember- all those improved technologies come with a price tag. The TNT Advanced Prototype is available in three different colourways – so there should be something for everyone. That’s right, the Vans TNT Advanced Prototype is a skate shoe through and through – by skaters for skaters.


  • UltraCush Lite 3D Footbed
  • durability
  • good workmanship


  • price tag