Whoever utters the name Burton, simultaneously explains a part of the history of snowboarding. Since the end of the 70s, the tradition brand from Burlington, Vermont, has called the shots for the development of alpine action sports and hence, is the most influential brand in the snowboarding scene.

Jake Burton - A Pioneer of His Time

Born in New York and raised in Long Island, Jake Burton, in future, Jake Burton Carpenter, has been addicted early to snow sports, even though possibilities were quite tenuous back then. Especially the so called “snurfing”, a blend word of of the terms snow and surfing, were a formative experience in Jake Burton’s life.

The snurfer is considered to be the progenitor of today’s snowboards and consisted of a relatively wide board with the shape of a ski featuring a rope that was attached to the tip. This rope was used to control the motions of the snurfer. Usually, these boards were ridden with a kind of hi-top basketball shoes until bindings were developed and consequently boots became fashion providing the feet with more protection and stability.

On the basis of the snurfer, Jake Burton developed his first handmade snowboard (the “Backhill”) in 1977. Jake with his team of friends and volunteers had to design more than 300 snowboards, until they found suitable and feasible models to produce with the BB1 and BB2. Finally, the foundations for the following designs and the complete snowboarding culture came with the Backhill and the Backyard models.

Burton is Snowboarding

In the following years, Burton essentially contributed to the development of the modern snowboard with the innovation of the first binding that consisted of an adjustable rubber strap and an anti-slip surface, that was mounted on the board.

Since then, snowboarding did not only make it to a popular snow sport known worldwide, but also achieved to be part of the Olympic Games in 1998 and from then on. As early as in the year 2006, Burton in cooperation with the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) started to create the exclusive equipment for the U.S. snowboard national team.

Snowboard legend Craig Kelly who tragically died in an avalanche in 2004, was also part of the Burton team and since then, his position in the team could obviously not been replaced. Today, well-known snowboarder like Shaun White, Mark McMorris and Terje Haakonsen ride for the snowboard manufacturer from Vermont.

Burton characterizes the world of snowboarding as no other brand and has a stack in pioneering and innovative product lines. Whether it is a snowboard jacket , a backpack or a whole snowboard set, Burton products always convince. Burton means high quality, that’s for sure!


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