Cheap Monday

There must be something in the air - or how else could you explain the massive concentration of good looking and well-dressed boys and girls in Sweden? In a country where every stylish person you meet on the street eithers plays in an indie rock band or comes straight out of a fashion catalog, street style brands pop up like flowers in spring. Cheap Monday is one of them. All started in November 2000 when Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg opened their little Second Hand Shop called Weekend in a suburb of Stockholm. After a few months, success grew and both founders decided to sell their vintage clothing every day by changing the shops name into Weekday. But why stop there? In 2004 Örjan and Adam founded their first street style brand Cheap Monday and their iconic skull logo hit the market with major success. Since then the company is mostly known for their tight jeans and skinny trousers, which come in many different patterns and prints. The combination of vintage style and high street trends soon gathered fans all around the globe. In 2008 Cheap Monday joined forces with H&M and just a year later the first Cheap Monday Store opened in Copenhagen/Denmark. Today you find a Cheap Monday shirt, jeans or jumper in almost every fashion store. Even glasses and other accessories like bags, gloves and caps are worn by fashion victims in almost every lookbook. So, grab a pair of good quality Cheap Monday jeans and feel free to do whatever you want to do!