For more than 20 years, the Hamburg streetwear brand Cleptomanicx has convinced by creating original styles and Nordic passion products. Whether you are an old sea dog or a young landlubber, the funny designs of toast, lemon & co just adorn everybody. Thanks to the fresh skateboards from the North Sea coast, simultaneously all true skaters don’t get raw deals, too.

Nordic by Nature – Cleptomanicx

On the first of September 1991, founder Pitt Feil dubbed the newly painted Hamburg cutter by the name Cleptomanicx and thereby kicked off a big wave that started in St. Pauli and overrun whole Europe only within a few years. Designing and testing with love for details and a generous amount of creativity, the ship’s cook has boasted with all possible skills of cuisine in the galley. Ever since subjects as seagull, toast & co have finally made it on comfortable cotton, it was time to heave up the anchor and cast off.

The strategy of working with funny comic prints totally paid off for the Clepto crew. By now, the harbor related graphics can be found on T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. Not least because of the hip-hop ensemble Die Beginner!, who put on the seagull for the first time, a real hype about the brand started soon.

All You Need Is a Seagull and Some Wheels – Cäptn Clepto Has Got’em All

As the final push into the world and heart of skateboarding, the ionic flick “Rollen Aller 1-3” confirmed the high status of Cleptomanicx. Since then, the mascot and figurehead Cäptn Clepto sails around the world with team members as Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Tjark Thielker, Dennis Laaß, David Conrads and Lennie Burmeisterto in search for new spots and more variety.

Additionally, designer and creative director Stefan Marx is always on board of the Clepto cutter. Since 2003, he has pushed his stamp on boxer shorts - which he now distributes with his own brand Lousy Livin’ Underwear - and naturally every kind of Cleptomanicx rag.