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The footwear brand DVS Shoes that was founded by Kevin Dunlap and pro skater Tim Gavin in 1995, is the port of call for shoes that are especially made for skateboarding. As a part of the Podium Distribution Group, DVS tries to develop products that represent the lifestyle of its customers at its best.

DVS - For Skaters by Skaters!

With 20 years of work experience, DVS still wears the breeches when it comes to modern and confidently stylish shoe deigns. Among other things, the brand from sunny California is famous for their old school shapes of the DVS Action Series. The rather wide sneakers were developed to handle long skate sessions and tired feet.

Additionally, DVS also regularly produces slim silhouette skate shoes as well as signature models of team riders. These are for instance the DVS Torey that is the pro shoe of Torey Pudwill or the DVS Daewon that belongs to skate legend Daewon Song.


Apart from skateboarding, DVS Footwear is also active in surfing, snowboarding or motocross. For The Berrics, the most famous indoor skate park owned by Steve Berra and Erik Koston, DVS filmed the documentation “Inside The Berrics” with various interviews and behind-the-scenes takes of the skate park and the eponymous website theberrics.com.

In addition to numerous collaborations with brands as Thrasher and Cliché Skateboards, DVS published the iconic DVS Jarvis that was developed with Jackass action hero and skater Jason “Wee Man” Acuna who got his own colorway for this shoe.

In spite of financial problems and economic roller coaster rides, DVS remained as a consistent part of the skateboarding community. That’s due to the success of the skate shoes and also thanks to the team that was always faithful. Till this day, DVS is a paragon for timeless footwear on and off the rails that made the brand famous.


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