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This is skateboarding! Regarding this, Emerica takes no prisoners. Since 1996, the brand has constantly caused sensation with a first-class skate team. In addition to a wide range of streetwear like T-shirts, hoodies and accessories, Emerica is especially famous for their skate shoes. Particularly, every new edition of the signature shoe of team rider Andrew Reynolds is a true classic and an absolute must-have.

You Can’t Say Emerica without Mentioning Etnies

From the very beginning, Emerica shoes were considered as plainly designed skate shoes without any bells and whistles concentrating on the needs of skateboarders. In the mid-90s, future CEO of shoe producer Sole Technology and founder of Etnies Pierre-André Senizergues had been distributing shoes under the name of Etnies America, especially for the USA. The name of the label melded over time and the separate brand Emerica developed.

100% Skateboarding - No Experiments!

As world champion in street skateboarding, Pierre-André Senizergues absolutely knew which attributes skateboard shoes need, which parts must be sewed neatly and which materials are particularly suitable for the best durability. Sophisticated features as breathable mesh insets, lace loops, a multiple-stitched Ollie area and special insoles for a precise board control make sure that Emerica shoes are ready for every situation on and off your board.

Moreover, Emerica also pays special attention to the environmental sustainability of their products and builds on resource saving production and distribution. In addition to that, Emerica supports tree-planting campaigns in Brazil and calls for a conscientious life-style concerning Mother Nature.

Stay Gold - Emerica

Emerica’s roots reach deeply into skateboarding and hence its skate team has not changed distinctly over the last years. Following the motto “stay gold”, the team’s core consists of the skaters who were part from the very beginning. Thus, Andrew Reynolds, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Collin Provost, Leo Romero and Kevin Long aka Spanky have been on the road for years filming way more than one skate video. Especially, the recent release of the “Made in Emerica” DVD has caused a real stir.

Most certainly, Emerica offers more than a great skate team and superb videos. For the brand, skateboarding is a way to help kids with offering skate parks that provide a location to find a community to which they belong. Finally, Emerica wants to banish negative connotation that are often connected to skateboarding with quality and helpfulness.