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Iceland not only enchants with its beautiful landscape, its inhabitants are sly old dogs too! Besides its weird traditional foods, Iceland is also known for its two high talented pro snowboarders - Eiki and Halldór Helgason. But both brothers do not only test their riding skills under the sponsorship of Nike Snowboarding, they also develop new technologies on their own to enhance the snowboard scene. With Lobster Snowboards as their newest baby, the Helgason brother now own four well-known companies that smashed the winter sports world. Besides Switchback Bindings, 7/9/13 and Hoppipolla Headwear – Lobster Snowboards finally launches the big hardware that represents the latest high-tech stuff and jazzy designs snowboarding has to offer. With their revolutionary TBT (Triple Base Technology) and the basic design of Bataleon boards, Lobster reaches for the stars!