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Clothing. Travel. Art.

Founded in 2005 Anuell stands for the annually recurring activities, which lie at heart of the four founders of this brand. But in addition to skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, Anuell also embodies the unique time in between. So, the focus is particularly placed on the discovery, traveling and globetrotting. Therefore, it is understandable that the home base of Anuell changes seasonally.

While during the summer the location of San Sebastian with its extensive beaches in the Basque region invites for surfing, the cold season in the Austrian Mayrhofen is filed with ideas and designs for the next collection. Always first priority: the quality of Anuell. Because it takes some time until the appropriate cuts for T-shirts, tank-tops and hoodies are found. Meanwhile, the minimalistic prints and artworks are printed on well-cut and robust materials, which are exactly perfect for an easygoing outdoor trip.

Unrealistic ideals

While since 2010 the trend in the major sports brands has increasingly been towards exorbitant stunts and products marketed with the premise "farther, faster, higher" - Anuell stayed unimpressed by this artificially exaggerated stress. Actually, it is more important for them to stay down to earth and to focus on what is really important: The sea, the mountains, the road!