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The history of Horsefeathers goes way back to 1989, when Stewart Carlson and Joel DeVille, two Canadian High School students started printing their own designs onto T-shirts and hoodies. It was around this time winter sport like snowboarding was anywhere near being accepted by the general public of British Columbia. By starting Horefeathers Stewart, Joel and their friends quickly became rebels in school. Their ideas, music and choice in clothing made them stick out. But Horsefeathers united the few that stood apart against all those, who scoffed at the idea of baggy clothing or anything linked to skateboarding and snowboarding. But it wasn’t just about the clothes; it was about making a statement. Today the misfits of their time transformed a childhood ambition to an international operating clothing company. The Horsefeathers clothing line, including snowboard jackets, beanies and pants is the perfect lifesaver for any occasion.