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Back in the days, in 1989, when pro-snowboarder and photographer Brad Steward started Bonfire, snowboard outerwear was just not existing. Growing up in Flagstaff, Arizona, and later working on Huntington Beach, California, Steward and his snowboard friends had to dress in skiing or surfer gear to go on a ride. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 1992, Bonfire deputed with their first snowboard outerwear collection and soon after that, became an international distributor, including offices in Japan and Europe. It was by this time, when Bonfire released their famous The Fireman Jacket, which was one of the first attempts to integrate street wear into snowboarding apparel. Bonfire is an active, eclectic and independent brand with high quality and blunt outerwear - built to withstand winter’s danger and always „Tailored To Destroy“.


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