adidas SHOES


Adidas - An iconic brand from Germany! For as long as the beginning of the 20th century, the manufacturer of sports equipment from Franconia has been the epitome for running shoes, sneaker and sports fashion of all kinds. Since 2006, adidas has also been represented in skateboarding and together with a famous pro team has developed shoes that were especially made for skateboarding.

Three Stripes That Capture the World

In 1924, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded the “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”, where they manufactured hand-made sneakers for athletes. When, in 1981, 800 meter runner Lina Radke won the Olympic Games in Amsterdam as the first German sportsperson in the modern era, this was also the first gold medal for an athlete with Dassler shoes. After nearly 12 years and after further sneaker models, the US-American Jesse Owens made the Dassler brothers legends, when he won four gold medals with these shoes at the Olympic Games in 1936.

After the Second World War, the two brothers parted company. Whereas Rudolf founded the sports manufacturer Puma in 1948, which was considered as keenest competition for adidas, Adi Dassler achieved his own dream with establishing the adidas AG. Predominantly, he developed soccer shoes with removable bolted cleats that were also used by the German national team in Bern when winning the world championship in 1954. Immediately, the so-called Miracle of Bern made adidas very well-known on the whole globe.

All in or Nothing - From A Sports Icon to a Hyped Streetwear Brand

Whether it is about soccer jerseys, uniforms for the Olympic teams or shoes for runners - since the foundation, sports and its athletes definitely come first. That hasn’t changed until today, even though the traditional company has increasingly made advance in the streetwear and leisure sector thanks to the iconic jogging suits and the adidas beach slides of the 90s. At least since the release of the adidas Neo line, that should respond to the life style generation, adidas has globally established in this sector.

Due to ad campaigns with famous athletes as David Beckham or Lionel Messi as well as music artists as Madonna, Rita Ora or Pharell Williams, the brand has often aroused media’s attention.

Out of the Stadium, Right on the Streets - adidas Skateboarding

Especially sports as skateboarding get more and more important for adidas. For nearly ten years, the iconic label has adorned skate sneakers with the famous three stripes and has made a great stir with an excellent team of pro skaters. The latter are skateboarders as Mark Gonzales, Silas Baxter-Nearl and Lem Villemin, who almost all hit the market with their own adidas signature shoe.

Additionally, the three stripes support you in the powder, too. With adidas snowboarding, another branch grew from the giant company tree in 2013. Here, the winter-proof outerwear and the high-quality snowboard boots with the adidas Superstar look deinfitely belong in the standard repertoire of every snow addict. When developing new products, adidas snowboarding finds great support thanks to an awesome team of famous snowboarders. These are Jake Blauvelt, Kazu Kokubo, Forest Bailey, Keegan Valaika and Louif Paradis, to name only a few of these greats.

The collections of the icon are defined by casual skatewear and comfortable sneakers. Whether these are cozy college jackets, hoodies or sweatshirts - all adidas garments are easily combinable to create a laid-back look. In addition to that, the street lifestyle label boasts with collaborations with The Hundreds and the London skateboarding brand Palace Skateboards.