For more than 20 years, the Hamburg streetwear brand Cleptomanicx has convinced by creating original styles and Nordic passion products. Whether you are an old sea dog or a young landlubber, the funny designs of toast, lemon & co just adorn everybody. Thanks to the fresh skateboards from the North Sea coast, simultaneously all true skaters don’t get raw deals, too. Nordic by Nature ... [read more]
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Cleptomanicx Origami T-Shirt (black)
Origami T-Shirt
24,99 EUR
RRP 29,99 EUR
Cleptomanicx Ligull 2 Hoodie (heather creme)
Ligull 2 Hoodie
54,99 EUR
RRP 59,99 EUR
Cleptomanicx City Hooded Light Jacket (dark olive)
City Hooded Light Jacket
89,99 EUR
RRP 129,99 EUR
Cleptomanicx Möwe Sunday T-Shirt women (white)
Möwe Sunday T-Shirt
19,99 EUR
RRP 29,99 EUR
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