Longboard Trucks

Longboard Trucks

There are quite a few criteria to take into consideration when it comes to the choice of the fitting trucks for your longboard. Which trucks you put underneath your deck should depend on your personal favors and the area of application.

Types of Trucks

Traditional kingpin trucks (TKP) remind you of normal skateboard trucks. The kingpin faces the wheelbase. Additionally, these trucks work well with cruisers. Gullwing, Bear, Caliber, Tracker, Paris, Gunmetal and Independent provide you with the perfect counterpart to your piece of wood.

Reverse kingpin trucks (RKP) differ from normal ones by having the kingpin turned around, which means that it defaces the wheelbase when mounted. This feature makes the truck a part of your setup which allows you to perfectly yield to your favors in handling your longboard. These special trucks are more agile and adjustable than the traditional ones. A prime example truck would be the Bear Grizzly 852 V5.01 181mm 52° or the Paris V2 180mm 50°. Brands like Sabre, Randal, Atlas Trucks, Bolzen, Pogo and Seismic permanently improve their performance and offer you a grand selection in our shop.

Trucks Width

Every beginner can take the following as a rule of thumb: The trucks should close up with the nuts at the edge of your deck. Smaller trucks are more agilely and should be used for cruisers and slalom boards. The wider your trucks the more stable they are. That's why you should use wider trucks for downhill and freeride boards.

Trucks Height

Similar to skateboard trucks, longboard trucks can be classified into low, mid and high trucks. To avoid the current and uncomfortable stop of your board through wheelbites, which means that your wheels touch the downside of your board while steering, you should adjust the height of your trucks to the size of your wheels. Additionally, the angle of your kingpin towards the baseplate of your truck has also an effect on how your trucks react to weight shift.


Besides that, you can use equipment to influence your steering and driving performance of your longboard. In the equipment section, you find shock-, angle- and riserpads as well as flat washers and cup washers which allow you to tune your setup. You are uncertain which trucks fit best? Check out our longboard-wiki for further information.