Skateboard Decks

Skateboard Decks

Next to the high-quality and affordable SK8DLX decks, we have decks of big skateboard brands like Almost, Girl, Creature, Chocolate, DGK, Cliché, Element, Enjoi, EMillion or Plan B in our assortment and offer at the same time decks of smaller brands like 3D Skateboards from Brian Anderson, 5 Boro from New York or Radio from Berlin. You find a boundless assortment of decks with various widths, shapes and constructions in the skatedeluxe online shop.

Classical Maple vs. Newest Technologies

The classical skateboard deck is built of seven plies of maple, gummed up with epoxy resin and pressed under high pressure. The wood of the maple tree has stood the test of time in regard to stability and flexibility for skateboarder as well as for producers. But over the years, other fabrics and processing methods were developed to minimize the weak spots of the conventional skateboard decks. That includes the P2 construction which enables a higher rebound.

Size, Shape and Concave

It depends on your body height, your shoe size, the area of application and your preferences which deck size is the best for you. Sometimes you need a slimmer deck and sometimes a wider. It’s up to you, if you prefer skateboarding in the street and park or if you love to run riot on transitions, gaps and ramps. And decks not only differ in size but rather in cambering. A distinction is made between low concave decks which enable an easy board control and high concave decks which provide the best flip behavior. The medium concave deck with middle cambering is a great in-between choice. Next to the symmetric shapes of the most decks, the newest trend goes to wide, asymmetric decks like the decks from Welcome Skateboards. Transition skateboarder will be glad!

Deck Design: Ridable Art

The designers of the brands give always their best, artists like Timber! or Todd Francis immortalize themselves on the decks and the team riders lend a hand with their signature decks and design them freely like the Comic series of Almost. You see, you get the most exceptional graphics on your decks. That includes the morbid designs of Creatures, the funny graphics of Deathwish or the unique artworks on the Palace, 5 Boro and 3D Skateboards decks – every skateboard deck is also some kind of ridable art under your feet.