Top 5: The Best Skateboard Wheel Brands of 2018

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Which skateboard wheel brand is the best? Which wheels are the most flat spot resistant? Conical or round-cut? And what brand has the best urethane? We have compiled your favourite skateboard wheels from 2018 into a top 5 list.

The discussion about the best hardgoods is a never-ending story in the scene. Tough question: which skateboard wheels are the best? After all, there are a few factors that play a role. Which wheels don't wear down so quickly and have the toughest urethane? Which shape is the best? In the end, it's all a matter of taste, and for every style, there's also the perfect wheel. We've created a list of your favourite 2018 skateboard wheel brands with a formula that includes the number of wheels sold, searches queries, brand shop visits and other parameters. Have fun with your Top 5 Skateboard Wheel Brands of 2018.

The Top Skateboard Wheel Brands of 2018

Wayward Wheels

5. Wayward

If you value style in your setup, you undoubtedly ride Wayward Wheels. The fact that these wheels are the hottest stuff has not only been proven by our skate test but has now been reconfirmed by their placing #5 on our top wheels list. Andrew Brophy and Benny Fairfax know what they are doing. You can find new Wayward Skateboard Wheels starting from 44.99 EUR.