Top 5: The best skateboard wheel brands of the year

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Our top lists of the past years tell you which skateboard wheels were popular in the last years. Even more review in terms of skateboard wheels you get in the history of skateboarding. The best skateboard wheels of 2022 Spitfire Bones OJ Wheels Powell Peralta Ricta The best skateboard wheels ... [read more]
Top 5 Skateboard wheels

Opinions on skateboard wheels vary a low: Which skateboard wheel brand is the best? Which wheels slide the best, which ones lock perfectly into grinds and which ones really don't get flat spots? We checked which skateboard wheel brands were most popular in 2023.

Whether conical or classic shape, extremely hard or super soft - in the end, it's a matter of taste and all skaters have their own idea of the perfect skateboard wheels. Based on sales, search queries, brand shop visits and other parameters, we've put together a list of the most popular skateboard wheel brands of 2023.

Find out which brands have been the most popular in recent years below.

Our own brand skatedeluxe wasn't included in this ranking. Nevertheless, thank you very much for trusting our skatedeluxe wheels!

The top skateboard wheel brands of 2023

the best skate wheels 2023 - Ricta Wheels

5. Ricta Wheels

Ricta wheels have once again made it into the top 5 in 2023. Fast, durable and resistant to flat spots - Ricta wheels are rightly among the most popular skateboard wheels!

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the best skate wheels 2023 - OJ Wheels

4. OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels are an integral part of the top 5 skateboard wheels and will of course be back in 2023. With different shapes and urethane blends, OJ Wheels has something for everyone!

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the best skate wheels 2023 - Powell Peralta

3. Powell Peralta

In the top 5 again in 2023: Powell-Peralta. A veteran skateboard brand that stands for quality and innovation. See for yourself!

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the best skate wheels 2023 - Bones Wheels

2. Bones Wheels

With wheels from Bones Wheels, you're always on the safe side. Innovative wheels with the latest technology and a wide range of products put Bones back in second place in 2023! If you've never skated a set of Bones wheels before, it's about time you tried them!

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the best skate wheels 2023 - Spitfire Wheels

1. Spitfire Wheels

Once you have skated Spitfire wheels, you rarely want to try anything else. Thanks to a wide range of shapes, sizes and durometers, Spitfire wheels leave nothing to be desired. Fully deserved to be number 1 again in 2023!

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Besides Wheels we also checked which decks and trucks were the most popular:

For more info about skateboard wheels, different shapes, a guide on how to attach wheels to trucks, and facts about different technologies, check out our Skateboard Wiki.

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Find the best skateboard wheels for you and your setup quickly and easily with our Skateboard Configurator!

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With new wheels the session is much more fun. The best skateboard wheels you can of course simply buy in skatedeluxe skate shop!

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