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VonZipper is located in Irvine, California and is one of the leading manufacturers of Sunglasses. VonZipper Sunglasses sponsors many world renowned surfers, snowboarders, and wake boarders. They have a high standard for quality using Polycarbonate Lenses, Gradient Lenses, 6 Layer Glass Polarized Lenses to make sure that they are not just in style but also quality controlled. From the beginning ... [read more]
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VonZipper Alt Goggles (grey chrome)
Alt Goggles
74,99 EUR
99,99 EUR
VonZipper Beefy Goggles (white gloss gold chrome)
Beefy Goggles
64,99 EUR
84,99 EUR
VonZipper Cleaver Halldor Goggles (persimmon chrome)
Cleaver Halldor Goggles
89,99 EUR
119,99 EUR