Globe International is considered as the biggest producer and distributer of skateboards, longboards and cruisers in Australia. As a child of the 80s, Globe significantly contributed to the skate boom in Down Under and in a short time it has grown to a world-wide operating company. From streetwear through to shoes and sneakers to hardware - Globe unites all areas that can be connected to board sport.

United by Fate - Globe International

What’s your move if you are not satisfied with the quality and supply of your local skate dealer? Exactly! You establish your own empire. That’s what happened with the Aussie brothers Peter and Stephen Hill, who entered the skateboarding business with Hardcore Enterprise in 1984. As pro skaters, the brothers knew that you’ll find the best decks, wheels and trucks in the USA. With the foundation of Die Hard Pty Ltd in 1987, streetwear, accessories and shoes were also brought under Hardcore’s roof to extend the range in addition to hardware. Finally, the American underground label Visions Streetwear became the first licensed brand of the newly established company.

After ten years of just distributing, Peter and Stephen founded their very own brand Globe with future CEO Matt Hill. Shortly afterwards, the first shoes for skateboarders left the conveyor belt equipped with the famous Globe logo. Thanks to today’s wide range of the label’s accessories, streetwear, jackets, pants and hoodies, you can clothe yourself easily from head to toe with the Aussie skate brand.

Bantam, Prowler und Pinner - Globe’s Holy Trinity

In their own skateboard workshop, the DSM Premium Woodshop, Globe collaborates with skateboarding legend and Dwindle Distribution co-founder Rodney Mullen to develop new designs for skateboards, longboards and cruisers. There, all steps of the production are checked neatly and hence, every board finds its way to the customer as a hand-made gem.

In addition to their category of skateboards, Globe has focused on complete longboards and cruisers as the Globe Bantam or the Globe Tracer Classic Cruiser. Among the most popular longboards from Globe, the Globe Prowler Complete-Longboard and the Globe Pinner model can be rated as the absolute favs.

The magic number 3 also plays an important role when it comes to teams. That’s because Globe does not only has a skate team with greats as Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, David Gonzales and Rodney Mullen, the company is also internationally represented with a surf and a snow team.

You can’t have enough of the Australian original? Then browse in Globe International’s whole assortment. Eventually, you will find some of your favorite labels, too. With brands as Almost, Blind, Clichè and Enjoi, the dudes from the Gold Coast cater for all tastes!