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If there is a popular brand that tries to keep things calm, it’s Reebok. The sports brand from UK has proven that their shoes work on many skateboarder’s feet but never made a big fuzz about it. And even though there are no official skate shoes by Reebok, models like the Reebok Club C 85 or the Reebook Workout Plus rule on a board. Shop your new Reebok sneakers and streetwear online ... [read more]
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Dakine Campus Backpack 33L (moab)
Campus Backpack
39,99 EUR
RRP 64,99 EUR
Dakine Scout Gloves (tabor)
Scout Gloves
34,99 EUR
RRP 49,99 EUR
Dakine Transit Backpack 18L (hawthorne)
Transit Backpack
39,99 EUR
RRP 44,99 EUR
Dakine Mission Backpack 25L women (seashore)
Mission Backpack
34,99 EUR
RRP 84,99 EUR
Dakine Duel Backpack 26L (carbon)
Duel Backpack
69,99 EUR
RRP 74,99 EUR
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