Caliber Precision 44° 184mm Truck (black) pacco da 2

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This is the way developement should look like: Taking a tested and functional concept and eliminate any blemish you notice. The guys of Caliber did exactly this with the Caliber Precision Truck: They took the beloved, casted 50° Caliber Truck and CNC-milled it from best aluminum to create this beauty. You get the great Caliber feeling you are used to, made out of almost indestructable material. The possibility to produce them as precise as possible is the biggest advantage offered by CNC trucks: The axles are totally even to provide the optimal usage of the whole contact patch of your wheels which leads to an even wear and most of all increased grip! Your bearings and wheels are able to work as effective as they can due to the precise eight millimeter measuring axles and the even hangerends. No shearforce will slow you down! The consequences are increased topspeeds and staight-lined turning thanks to the perfect interaction between all parts wich also effects your slides: no chattering, eased control while sliding and perfectly hitting the point of release. If all these facts did not blow your mind the additional gimmicks will: You get twelve (!) Bloodorange Bushings to adjust these trucks perfectly to your style of riding. Furthermore, the Precision Calibers come with removable axles to allow to change only the axles instead of changing the whole hanger in the unlikely case of bending. Any questions left?

- hanger and baseplate made of black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum
- heat treated, removable alloy steel axles
- "Riot Thane" pivot cup for durability and rebound
- precise spacers (10,287 mm to avoid any slop)
- additional Bloodorange Bushings

hanger width: 184,45 mm
height: 58,75 mm
angle: 44°
weight: 450 g
bushings: Bloodorange Bushings Barrel 80A / 83A / 86A / 92A
boreholes: old-school & new-school

Attention: Due to packing this article is sold in a pack of 2 only!

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Data: 29.01.2017
Autore: Klausi (140)
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Wer glaubt Caliber könnte keine super CNC Achse bauen liegt komplett falsch, diese Achsen vermitteln das perfekte Felling auf dem Brett von Cruisen über FReeriden bis hin zu Downhill, alles geht perfekt mit diesen Achsen!

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