Loaded Cantellated Tesseract 36" (91,4cm) Tavola longboard

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Looking for the most versatile board ever? Clear your mind and let the Loaded Cantellated Tesseract 36" Longboard Deck be your companion in the quest for four-wheeled illumination! The symmetrical rocker throughout the deck cups the outer edges of your feet and creates a subtle locked-in sensation, helping you to stay firmly planted in slides. Additionally, the rocker slightly lowers your center of gravity for enhanced stability. The flared wheelwells increase the wheel clearance and also create surface transitions that provide a lateral and longitudinal support for your feet. Perfect for sliding, cornering and tucking! The intuitive and elliptical W-concave enhances the rider control in all toeside maneuvers. The central hump is tall yet wide, providing a strong lateral support near the transitions without compromising the arch comfort. The completely symmetrical platform guarantees that the Tesseract is ready for anything you throw in its way in any stance or orientation.

Designed to satiate both freeride and freestyle appetites, the Tesseract is endowed with a tailored kicktail to get the job done with gusto. The width has been dialed in to provide exceptional toe and heel edge control, and the length and upturned tips generate a powerful pop and accommodate the entire width of your foot. Subtle dished concave keeps your shoes glued to the board and aids in catching tricks into manuals and pivots. The contours of the kicktail blends in a tight transition with the outer surfaces of the flared wheelwells to create a compound contoured pocket for your feet both over and outside of the bolts, contributing to enhanced control for manuals and 360 slides.

The Tesseract offers both 24.5" and 26" wheelbase options, allowing you to fine-tune your setup based on your riding style and specific truck geometry. Move your axles in for quicker pop, increased agility, higher traction and lower swing weight; move them out for greater stability.

We advise you to use longboard trucks with a hanger width of 160 - 180 mm and longboard wheels with a height of 75 mm max. on this deck.

Attention: Due to the rockered platform your trucks will be wedged 3,5°. Loaded recommends to use trucks with a turning angle under 50°. 40° - 45° work perfectly.

deck specifications:
- length: 91,3 cm
- width: 24 cm

- wheelbase: 62 cm / 64 cm / 66 cm
- construction: two vertically laminated bamboo cores, two layers of custom fibreglass, cork finish, rocker, kicktail, flared wheelwells.
- concave: high
- flex: stiff / medium
- truck mounting: topmount, 3.5° wedging angle
- griptape: black, cutout

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