Rayne Small Killswitch 35.5" (90cm) Tavola longboard

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SK8DLX 40 cm Adesivo (red)

The Killswitch says it all. The brainchild of Kevin "K-Rimes" Reimer is finally out and ready to steal your time, your urethane, and your minds. With years of experience riding downhill and a sharp mind, Kevin has taken the time to think about each and every movement you make when riding downhill, and how a board could make those manoeuvres easier through being positively "locked in". Ergonomics were the name of the game when this board came to be and it stickhandle’s through the competition better than Gretzky ever could. This one is the smaller version for smaller boarders, girls and those of you preferring smaller boards.

The locks on this board are several:
- 1: 3/8" Radial Drop Platform - subtle drops in the front and rear so as to cradle the life that it is stealing you from regular monotonous board design
- 2: K-Rimes' own Pleasure Dome - concave with a subtle feel that is enough to lock you in, but not enough to become bothersome on long bombs or pushes. The W concave also allows for butter toe-side pre-drifts and heel-side stand up checks by keeping your rear foot in place.
- 1+2 = 3: Where the small drop morphs into the flat-topped Pleasure Dome concave, you place your foot in that "special spot" where the two lovers meet. You will find your foot and toes are dropped into an aggressive forward facing stance that is similar to that of a runner on a starting block. This allows for pushing bad'assery and major comfort when you're out on the track
- 4: Three-dimensional wood bending: used in this deck to give a full, cupped feeling for the front and rear toes. This allows the body to lean far away from the board while still maintaining full contact of the front foot. The rear foot will find a pocket specially designed for those who tuck, and tuck fast.
- 5: The "Drop-Lock". When you stand on this deck your front foot will naturally position itself into the "Drop-Lock" where the toes sit beside the drop rather than behind it. This makes for a complete and total lock of the front foot for toe-side drifts.

The construction of a vert-lam bamboo core and pre-tensioned fiberglass makes this deck stronger than steel and light like a feather while adding long life, durability, strength and energy return. Those sharp edges provide the final touch for locked in feet.

Thanks to the top mounting your board gets very agile. So you don´t have to fear wheelbites the dudes of Rayne longboards decided to use the cut-out-shape, while the twin-tip-shape is best for freeriding.

To make sure the graphics will stay forever, scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck. Like all Rayne Longboards the Kill Switch also offers the Bee Orange Finish which enhances and tones the natural wood grain while protecting with an excellent wax barrier that repels water. The citrus-based polish is completely free of harmful chemicals and is an environmentally sustainable product. K-Rimes!

We advise you to use longboard trucks with a hanger width of 180-210 mm and longboard wheels with a height of 76 mm max on this deck.

length: 90.17 cm
width: 24.13 cm
wheelbase: 73.76 cm
construction: vert-lam bamboo core/pre-tensioned fiberglass, W-Concave, droplock
flex: stiff
concave: high / W-concave
truck mounting: drop-through
griptape: none


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