Rayne Amazon 38.5" (97,8cm) Longboard Deck 2014

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Rayne team rider Douglas "Dalua" Silva is a beast on the hills and has taken top podiums for years. After all his hard work, he got a pro model board all to himself: the Rayne Amazon 38.5'' Longboard Deck. The Amazon has some design similarities to the Rayne Rival and Supreme as a symmetrical, radial drop deck, but comes with some distinct differences too: 5/8" Radial Drops that are deeper than on the Killswitch but make you feel more locked in like beeing on the Nemesis. A 3 Stage Rocker helps to naturally lock your feet in and that provides easier tucking, sliding and turning. Further, Rayne's ‘MEAN CAVE’ that gets steeper at the waist to create natural gas pedals along the side and sick pockets where it meets the radial near the end provides sweet spots for any kind of corner. The construction made of a vert-lam bamboo core sandwiched between fiberglass makes this deck stiff, durable and lightweight. Ride the Amazon!

All Rayne Decks come with the “Bee Orange Finish“ that enhances and tones the natural wood grain while protecting it with an excellent wax barrier that repels water. The citrus-based polish is completely free of harmful chemicals and an environmentally sustainable product.

We advise you to use trucks with a hanger width of 180 - 200 mm and wheels with a height of 76 mm max. on this deck.

length: 98 cm

width: 25,5 cm

wheelbase: 75,6 cm / 77 cm /
 78,3 cm
construction: vert-lam bamboo core, fiberglass, 5/8" drop, 3 Stage Rocker, gas pedals 

concave: high (Mean Cave)

flex: stiff

truck mounting: drop-through

griptape: none

Attention: Randal Trucks won't fit the Amazon Longboard Deck.


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