Complete Longboards

Complete Longboards

Deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware and a griptape are the components a complete longboard is made of. Finding the right setup is not that easy and requires some knowledge beforehand. The perfect alternative for everyone that is new to the game might be complete longboards that come to you mounted and ready-to-ride. Lots of well-known longboard fabricants like Long Island, Globe, Sector 9, Madrid, Dusters, Arbor, Rune, Riviera, Landyachtz or Loaded offer you aligned setups for every discipline.

Size and flex of the board

The size of the longboards in our shop reach from 80 up to 120 cm length and are available in different flex variations or as „one size“ boards. Flex describes the given elasticity and should be suitable to your body weight. Whether your board should be flexy, medium or stiff depends on your favors for handling and what discipline you want to use your board for.


Your way of riding a board defines the setup you use. Cruising, carving, dancing, freeride or downhill, we have perfectly adjusted complete boards ready for you in our shop.

Pace acquires stability. These boards have a dropped wheelbase to stabilize your steering at high speed.

You like slides and speed? You should choose one of the symmetric twintip boards. Here, little flex is combined with tail- and nosekicks.

More flex for a maximum of agility. “Cutout-shapes“ leave space around the wheels of your board to avoid wheelbites.

Similar to skateboards, cruisers come with a tail and nose. Classic kicktail shapes even allow ollies and airs.

Truck mount

In our shop you find ''topmount'' and ''dropthrough'' versions which differ in the way you mount the trucks to your board. Topmount trucks are put on from the bottom, while dropthrough trucks get screwed on from the top. „Flushcuts“ are recesses of the boards in the truck area in which the baseplate gets flushed in the deck. Dropthroughs are more likely to be used for freeride and downhill boards while topmount trucks are preferred at cruisers.


The degree of bulge of your deck is described as the concave. It can be chosen to be completely flat have a ''low concave'' or a noticeable ''high concave''. The perfect compromise would be a ''medium concave''.


In our longboard section you'll find boards that are made from maple, bamboo and plastic or a hybrid-construction of fiber-glass or epoxy resin combined with wood.

The complete longboards at skatedeluxe are characterized by high quality materials and perfectly adjusted parts whether you are an amateur or advanced longboarder. Besides the Ninetysixty BooBam, the Peng Circles, the Loaded Tan Tien or the Globe Prawler you are guaranteed to find the perfect complete for your needs. If you have further questions you should not hesitate to check our longboard-wiki.