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If you own a Levi’s Jeans, you own a bit of history. That’s because the iconic label is a worldwide synonym for denim jeans.

The company that was founded by the Franconian immigrant Levi Strauss in San Francisco over 100 years ago has blossomed out to the most famous brand for work pants and overalls in a very short time and today, it is the greatest jeans manufacturer on the planet.

From the Gold Rush to the Iconic Levi’s 501

The jeans’ genesis has begun in the middle of the 19th century. Whereas the industrialization in Europe developed and finally evoked the construction of the first railroad, the gold fever broke out in the USA. More and more gold diggers were drawn to the Southern States to follow their desire.

In addition to goods for daily needs, as a wholesaler, the emigrated Franconian Levi Strauss sold the so-called duck pants that were considered as the vanguard of the jeans for a long time. Because the lightweight canvas pants did not pay off and workers rather invested in durable pants, Strauss and Jacob Davis developed a reinforcement with rivets for the pockets in 1872.

Shortly after, the first indigo-colored denim jeans hit the market. Thanks to the very durable mix of cotton and hemp fiber, the riveted waist overalls developed into a bestseller during the American gold rush. This very first model of studded jeans is still available today and is named after the batch number 501.

Getting the Jeans on the Streets - Levi’s Skateboarding Collection

For over 30 years, skateboarders all over the world have worn Levi’s jeans. The well-fitting and hardwearing slim fit or straight fit skate pants were perfectly adjusted to the demands of athletes. By now, the fashion collection contains the 504, 510, 511 and the Levi’s 513. Every model differs in its proportion of stretch material, the washing and the color of the denim fabric. In addition to the enormous jeans collection, the label from San Francisco also convinces with an own streetwear line.

Besides the development of great skateboarding pants, Levi’s also campaigns for the subculture’s community. Instead of a large team with well-known and expensive pro skaters, Levi’s supports the construction of local skate parks and invests capital in projects of developing countries.