Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheels

Wheels make a skateboard what it is, a tool of movement, of flow and of freedom. It does not matter whether you decide to mount Bones 100's-OG, Spitfire Cheapshots or SK8DLX AFS Deluxe – without wheels, it is unimaginable to skate. You might ask yourself: „What makes a good skateboard wheel?“ We'd love to give you an overview on the little polyurethane wonders.


You'll choose a certain size of wheels for your trucks, knowing where you want to use your board. We are offering wheels from 49 mm up to 70 mm in our shop.

49-53 mm: Small wheels are preferred by street skaters as they are agile in movement and accelerate quickly.

53-59 mm: These all-rounders feel good on both, ramps and street.

59-70 mm: Big wheels means speed, that is why they are perfectly made for cruisers.

Hardness rating

The degree of hardness of a wheel is given on a scale from 78A to 101A. These numbers state how the urethane was mixed and tell you how your four friends react concerning grip and slide behavior. The softer a wheel is, the more bottom friction it produces and the more it grips. You should choose the fitting hardness for your preferred discipline.

78A-95A: Soft wheels are perfect for usage on cruisers and in skateparks. You want to make sure your wheels have the perfect traction? Choose a wheel from this segment.

96A-99A: The perfect compromise of speed and grip. This is your allround weapon!

101A-104A: Through their small friction, these wheels are made for slides and grinds.

From 101A on, the hardness rating is given in 83B (103A) and 84B (104A).



Wheels ain't just wheels. Similar to car- or bike tires, science does not stop from constantly developing the technology used for and in skateboard wheels. Leading brands in the game like Spitfire, Ricta and Bones permanently make improvements and changes regarding quality and technical features. Bones came up with the STF (Street Tech Formula TM), SPF (Skate Park Formula TM) and ATF (All-Terrain Formula TM), Ricta with the NRG Formula (the fastest urethane in skateboarding) and Spitfire provide you with the lab- and street-tested Formula Four. MOB Skateboards, Girl, SK8DLX, Jart Skateboards, Pig, Toy Machine and Plan B permanently develop and improve their products as well and constantly push skateboarding with that.

If you need to find out more about skateboard wheels, check our skateboard-wiki for further information. Roll on!