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It's the little things that matter. What would an outfit be without the small things that make it complete? Once you built a base frame of top and leg-wear it is on you to make it special. There are no boundaries set to creativity and the possibilities are as versatile as your individualism.


Caps and beanies - head coverage for every occasion

Beanies, hats and caps are the best example to visualize the spectrum of outer changes without losing the self. No matter if you are at the skatepark, the slope, on the dancefloor or on a „bad-hair-day“ - the beanie is your friend and it will always make you look good. The styles are as versatile as the wearers. Fold-up or slouch, fisherman-style or classics like the Carhartt WIP Acrylic Watch, colorful like feathers of a peacock or subtle and discrete like the SK8DLX Deep Fleece with or without a bobble – you know what pleases you best.

Backpacks, sunglasses and more - stylish must-haves for your outfit

Of course every other part of your body has the right of an own touch. In our accessory-category you find boxer-shorts, wallets, belts, gloves and scarfs as well as neck-warmers, backpacks, key-chains, sunglasses and bags and everything else you desire. Who would not enjoy checking time on your new watch while waiting for the bus and listening to your favorite band's new album on high-quality headphones? Once you got on the train, you can leaf through the newest snow- or skateboard-magazines. You are not a bookworm? You can make yourself an easy afternoon with one of the cool DVDs in the shop. You'll have anything delivered by brands like Carhartt WIP, SK8DLX, Burton, DC, Element, Vans, Anuell and many more. Create yourself!