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Copenhagen Open – Triple Set & Ledge Session | CPH Open 2016

Day number two at CPH Open is a wrap and despite shitty weather, we once again saw some awesome Skateboarding go down. Check the recap and photos of friday’s sessions.

Triple Set Session

First spot of the day was a nasty triple-set located right next to a canal in the middle of the city. Even though the photos don’t really tell, that was a damn long one of a set. People had to hurl ass to the max to make the distance and any trick that went down it was well cheered by the massive crowd.

One can argue now, if a BS 360 Ollie on that set is harder than a Hardflip, but Phelps approved, the gnarliest trick that went down was a SW Heelflip, perfectly executed by Neverton Casella from Brazil. Congratulations for the spot in the Skatepark Finals on Saturday Night Neverton!

Ledge Session

After that heavy session was done, people went onto some boats, were fed with sandwiches of all kinds and supplied with a never-ending amount of beers – well done again CPH Open Crew!

Due to some bad weather forecast, which proved to be right, the next spot was changed. We sadly didn’t go to the “Triangle Spot” and ended up at a rainproof abandoned supermarket.

Two ledges in a row put some smiles on a couple of ledge-tech dudes and Luan Oliveira easily took the crown for that spot. skatedeluxe team rider Denny Pham managed to get some awesome lines as well, which also earned him a spot in the skatepark finals saturday. Congrats Denny!

We’ll keep you posted about what’s happening at the finals – for now, we are off to the first spot of Saturday – The City Hall!

  • Thrasher's Jake Phelps - Stoked | © Gentsch
  • Tim O'Connor - Boat Trip | © Gentsch
  • Curren Caples, Flip Skateboard Ian Deacon & Tom Penny | © Gentsch
  • Tim O'Connor - Spotting | © Gentsch
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