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Vans Rowan Pro Wear Test Review

Vans Rowan Pro Wear Test

Whether in the Shep Dawgs videos, his part in Vans Propeller or most recently in Baker 4, Rowan Zorilla Footage never disappoints. So it goes without saying that the anticipation for the first Vans Pro model by Rowan Zorilla – the Rowan Pro – was high. We got our hands on the shoe a little […]

Vans Slip On EXP Pro Wear Test Review

Vans Slip-On EXP Pro Wear Test – A Slip-On from the future?

With the Vans Slip-On EXP Pro, Vans tried to completely redesign a Slip-On skate shoe. The modern design does not only promise functionality, but also leaves some questions unanswered. We tested the Slip-On EXP Pro in this review for you. READ IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE DE | FR | NL Slip-On’s from Vans are still part […]

Baker 4 - Kader - Premiere Berlin

Baker 4 Premiere | Friday After Eight @Skatehalle Berlin

We’ve been waiting more than 14 years for the next Baker full-length video. Friday, 29.11.2019 Baker 4 will finally be released and we’ll get to see the parts of “The Boss” Andrew Reynolds, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Kader Sylla, Tristan Funkhouser, Dustin Dollin, Jacopo Carozzi, Spanky, Theotis Beasley & Co. READ IN GERMAN We’ll be screening […]

Skate For More Session Berlin - Denny Pham - Nollie Inward Heelflip

Nike SB Skate For More Session at Skatehalle Berlin

On Sunday, November 10th, 2019 we and Nike SB invite you to the Skate For More session at Skatehalle Berlin. Free entry! Come around, skate with the Nike SB Team & help to set up a new bowl for the Skatehalle Berlin. READ IN GERMAN More about the event: WHEN: November 10th 2019 WHERE: Skatehalle […]

Bones Wheels Easy Streets ATF 99A Review

Bones Wheels Easy Streets Skate Test – Reinventing the wheel?

The Easy Streets from Bones Wheels are a new range of wheels that are supposed to roll smoother and faster on various terrain without sacrificing grip or slide-ability. We tested the new wheels for you. READ IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE DE | FR | NL The main difference between the Bones STF (Street Tech Formula) 103A […]


Teenage Riot 2019 – Europe’s biggest Youth Skate Contest

Europe’s biggest skate contest for kids & skaters up to 18 years old is back – the Teenage Riot 2019. Don’t miss out on the chance to win loads of prizes, goodies, vouchers & 4 000 EUR in prize money. READ IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE DE | FR | NL All young guns and skaters up to […]

Vans AVE Pro Review | Wear Test

Vans AVE Pro Wear Test

With the Vans AVE Pro, Vans is not only introducing the new pro skate shoe from Anthony van Engelen, but also the new Vans UltimateWaffle sole. So testing the Vans AVE Pro for us was a no brainer. READ IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE DE | FR | NL The new AVE Pro breathes life into the […]

adidas Skateboarding Liberty Cup Wear Test - Review

adidas Liberty Cup Wear Test | from the tennis court to the streets

The Liberty Cup from adidas Skateboarding pays homage to 90’s skateboarding with a retro tennis look. Our review will reveal how the skate shoe performs on the skateboard. READ IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE DE | FR | NL Inspired by aesthetics from the good old days, the Liberty Cup combines vintage style and modern technology with […]

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