October 2023

Bones Wheels are among the most popular skateboard wheels. With the X-Formula (XF), Bones presents a new urethane compound that is supposed to skate perfectly, even on “crusty” grounds. We have checked for you what the Bones X-Formula Wheels can do.

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Bones Wheels X-Formula logo

What characterizes Bones X-Formula wheels?

The new urethane formula joins the wave of “soft wheels that slide like hard ones”. Although the wheel has not been reinvented, Bones advertises the X-Formula with some remarkable advantages:

Bones Wheels X-Formula benefits
  • Terrain: The wheels roll over rough ground like softer wheels would, but slide like hard wheels. In addition, they absorb vibrations and lighter impacts.
  • Speed: The wheels roll smoother and faster on any terrain.
  • Grip & Slide: The wheels slide and grip when you need it.
  • Durability: The wheels roll smoothly, fast and for a long time.

Sounds a little like the wheel that can do it all. Ultimately, Bones invested 10 years of development into the X-Formula. The result is new wheels that are supposed to be life-changing.

Bones X-Formula wheels skate test

For my review, I unboxed a set of Bones X-Formula 99A 54 mm wheels and put them on my setup. I chose the V5 shape because it was the most similar to my regular wheels (Spitfire OG Classics).

Bones Wheels X-Formula wheels are unpacked in the skate park for the review

Upon unpacking, the urethane of the XF wheels felt a little softer than I’m used to from the new 99A wheels. Other than that, I didn’t notice anything special about the wheels. Inserting the bearings was no problem and went down smoothly.

Bones Wheels X-Formula wheels are unpacked in the skate park for the review

Bones Wheels X-Formula wheels are unpacked in the skate park for the review

The Bones X-Formula X99 wheels in the skate park

I started the test in a familiar skate park with the very smooth ground. Powerslides are an absolute must for me here. During my first laps in the park, I did not trust the new Bones wheels over the way. They rolled very fast but felt a bit too sticky like most new wheels.

The feeling went away once the wheels had faced some concrete and they didn’t look so shiny and “factory new” any more. Then, I was able to slide through the park like I used to. The whole thing took me about 5 minutes to adjust.

What I noticed right away was the slightly different feel when landing tricks with the Bones X99 wheels. No matter if in the flat, in the bank or at the ledge – landings felt a bit softer.

I was surprised by the sense of novelty that came with each trick. It’s unclear whether the new wheels or a good day caused it. In any case, the first session with the wheels was really fun.

The Bones X-Formula X99 wheels on crusty spots

Yes, I even skated down a trail path with the wheels and they did a good job. But the real question is how the X-Formula wheels are on rough asphalt. For that, I headed to a few spots with appropriate surfaces. Regular skating there means quick visits from the Razor Tail.

Bones Wheels X-Formula on a skateboard at a skate spot

The Bones X99 Wheels also managed to convince me of crusty spots. I could skate there quite normally without me constantly complaining about the ground. With a little speed, you even get over small areas of cobblestones. Whether these are now groundbreaking innovations – I don’t know.

About the advertised benefits by Bones: After a few sessions with the X-Formula 99As I would agree that the wheels roll very fast and quiet on many surfaces. Also, I think I could notice the absorption of vibrations and light impacts.

Bones Wheels X-Formula on a skateboard at a skate spot

As for grip & slide, I personally didn’t notice a huge difference from my other wheels. The X99s have always done what they should during my test. For durability, I can not yet make a statement, but I’m not worried about that with a renowned brand like Bones Wheels.


I never was a friend of the Bones STF or SPF wheels, as they were too hard for me and often broke out during Powerslides. With the Bones X-Formula, I have had much better experiences during my review.

In general, I would describe these wheels as all-rounders. For me, the advantage over comparable wheels is the smooth ride. Here you get an absolute performance wheel, that skates a little more “relaxed”.

If you’re into really heavy terrain, Bones also offers the X-Formula 97A wheels. This should open the gates to all spots for you.


  • All-around wheels with a smooth ride
  • Absorption of vibrations and light impact


  • None


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