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Do you feel you don’t know enough about skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape, shock pads, bushings and shorties and don’t have a glue which parts are the right ones for you? Don’t get stressed! You’ll find all info on the different parts of a skateboard and what to consider when buying a skateboard in our Skateboard Hardgoods Wiki.

Skateboard Assembly Instructions

Skateboard Assembly

How do you actually assemble a skateboard? We show you how everything you need to put your parts together. Starting with applying the griptape over mounting the trucks to inserting the bearings into the wheels – so grab your skate tool and follow our step by step guide!

Skateboard Assembly Instructions

History of Skateboarding


Skateboarding History

Yeah we know, history lessons can be some kind of boring. But hey, as a skateboarder you should know about your roots. So dig into our short abstract on the History of Skateboarding and discover how skateboarding developped from surfers hitting street to todays street skateboarding culture!

History of skateboarding

Skateboard Obstacle Guide

See the skateboard obstacle guide

You want to know what Curb, Ledge, London, Rails, Stair Sets, Quarter and Co. really are? Here is an overview of the most important skateboard obstacles.

Skateboard Obstacle Guide