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180 No Comply

The 180 No Comply is a trick that appears very effortless to the eye. It’s often used to change your stance from Regular to Switch, but is also a treat for the eyes when performed down a big set of stairs or over an obstacle. What are you waiting for? This is an essential one you should have on lock!

Learn here how to do a 180 No Comply!

180 No Comply

Trick Tip Video: 180 No Comply

180 No Comply

Trick Tip Sequence: 180 No Comply

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180 No Comply
Step by Step

Trick Tip Step By Step: 180 No Comply

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1. Put your front foot on the nose near the bolts of your front truck, somewhere between the Ollie and the Kickflip position. Put your back foot in the middle of the tail.

2. With this trick it’s also important to use your shoulders. Before you pop your tail, build up momentum with your shoulders to prepare yourself for the 180 motion.

With this trick you don’t need to bend down as much as with other 180 tricks.

3. At the same time, take your front foot off of the board and with your back foot push the tail down and forward.

With your front foot on the ground, the back foot will guide the board in the Frontside 180 motion.

4. When you do this, you need to jump and get your front foot out of the way of the board as it’s turning.

5. It’s important that you keep your back foot on the board at all times so it doesn’t come off.

If you have the front foot turned too much like with a Kickflip the board will flip over in the air. Make sure you find the right front foot position.

6. This needs to be done in a quick fluid motion with your front foot only touching the ground for a split second.

At first practice getting the smooth 180 No Comply movement and when you get that try the jumping movement with your front foot.

7. Land on the bolts and roll away. Now you can do 180 No Complies!

Keep practicing them to be able to do them everytime you need them without thinking about it too much!

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The 180 No Comply is safe? Great, now you have a sweet little trick that shows your sense of style. Do you want to learn some grinds? The Crooked Grind is a stylish one. Just check out our trick tip section for curb and rail. To learn some more flips you should take a look at our trick tips for flat. If you want to sharpen your mini ramp skills, head over to our trick tips for transition.

6 thoughts on “No Comply 180 – Skateboard Trick Tip

  • Jean-christophe Bollens

    Hey so I do my no comply 180 a bit different, I use my front foot(goofy) to spin board and back foot to stomp the ground if that makes sense…is that a trick or nbd?

  • Ryan

    I’m getting stuck turning my tail. I can’t get my front foot out of the way. Any pointers?

    • Tony

      Hey Ryan,
      this one is all about timing. As soon as your front foot leaves the board, start getting into the motion of getting back onto the deck. It should be one fluent motion.

      If your front foot is in the way, try to step it a little bit more to the side.

  • Rusty rivera

    I keep getting stuck some between steps 4 and 6. I can get the pop, step, and rotation. But I can’t get my foot that comes off the board to get back the board before it lands, like I’m always a step behind in my timing or something.

    • Tony

      Hey Rusty,
      you basically found out the solution yourself already! Once you put your front foot off your board, you can basically start to think about jumping and putting it back on again.
      Check out the video around 0:30 – the front foot stays on the ground for a second only, or so. When your board is up in the air, don’t hesitate and get back on there! ;)


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