4 thoughts on “Skateboard Trick Tips Transition

  • Ryan Murphy

    Great content! Thank you for sharing trick tips. These tips will help a lot of skaters- of all levels. How about some clips on how to do each? Hope you can! Keep it up!

    • Tobias

      Hi Ryan,

      thanks, we’re glad you like it. Videos on how to execute the tricks shown can be found in the respective articles for each trick and on our YouTube channel.


    • Tony

      Hey Valdemar, it’s pretty hectic I’d guess. ;)

      It’s basically a Nosepick to Disaster.

      A Nosepick is like a Disaster, but you balance your front truck on the coping instead of on your board’s wheelbase. For the “New Deal” you push your board from Nosepick into Disaster position. It can also be done as a grind/slide combo. As with Disaster, frontside or backside is possible.



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