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The Ollie is the first trick you should learn when you start skateboarding. Even though the Ollie is nothing more than a simple jump, this trick is essential for everything that follows. You’ll need this basic every time you are on your board and will hopefully never forget it again. So get started and learn the basics:

In 1976 Alan “Ollie” Gelfand, luckily, had the awesome idea to invent a method to do airs in the pool without the need to grab your board. His new movement allowed it to lead the board in the air and keep it under the feets as if it was magic.

Rodney Mullen, probably the most successful Freestyle Skateboarder of all time, was so impressed by Alan Gelfand’s invention that he started working on the technique called “Ollie” and brought it into street skateboarding five years later. Here lies the foundation of everything Skateboarding is known for today!

Learn here how to do an Ollie!


Trick Tip Video: Ollie


Trick Tip Sequence: Ollie

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Step by Step

Trick Tip Step By Step: Ollie

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1. While the front foot is positioned between the middle of the board and the bolts of the front truck, the ball of the back foot is placed in the middle of the tail.

2. To get yourself and the board off the ground, press the back foot quickly down on the tail towards the ground making a pop like motion.

3. As soon as the tail hits the ground, jump upward and slide your front foot from the middle of the board towards the nose simultaneously.

When the tail hits the ground you will hear the iconic skate sound.

4. It’s important that your front foot is well placed on the grip tape so your front foot doesn’t slide off the board.

Both the move of popping the tail of the board, jumping and dragging your front foot up the board have to be done in a fluent, well-coordinated, simultaneously motion so you get the proper Ollie motion.

5. If everything has worked you should be in the middle of the jump phase.

Now your board is with both trucks up in the air with yourself over it. At the highest point you should prepare yourself for the landing.

6. Try to land with both feet over the bolts of your trucks and your body over the center of the board to maintain your balance.

This also keeps you from landing too hard and cracking or breaking your board.

7. Make sure you bend your knees a little bit to cushion the landing and to keep your center of gravity balanced.

Now keep doing it until you have it on lock!


Ollie trick tipp: FAQ

Your Ollies work out fine while standing, but not when riding or you’re not landing properly.

In the beginning, ollieing while riding can be quite scary. Just let it happen and try to get used to the ollie-motion while you’re rolling slowly. Try to avoid a supine position and keep your back rather straight.
If you tend to pull your front foot crooked or if you’re not landing straight, try to concentrate on keeping your shoulders straight. Usually, if your shoulders are aligned correctly your Ollie will come out straight as well.

Your board won’t get off the ground.

One problem might be that you’re jumping off too heavy and you’re forgetting to do the characteristic Ollie-motion. Take a closer look at steps 2-4 of our trick tip and practice the motion with your feet. Your first Ollies don’t have to be a meter high, better safe and steezy than high and sketchy!

Your board slips away from your feet or it spins out of control

A rushed take-off might be the problem here. Steps 2-4 of this trick tip could help you out. In order to make your feet “stick” to the board, you have to do the movement fluidly. But don’t stress yourself out! You should rather start with some preliminary exercises until you feel safe while ollieing. It is also important to pull your foot up to your board’s nose in a straight manner to prevent it from spinning.

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  • Aaron Andara

    I’ve been working on doing an Ollie it takes time and hard work and i think we can all get to the point of knowing tricks on skateboards and be familiar to all of them. i hope we all can work on something and to know something such as skills and more.

  • valentinogonzalez

    hi mi nzme is valentino and i like sket bord ten andi dont no ho to do a olley bi mi salf and i need stoprs to hap me b cus i am ten

    • Tony

      Hey Valentino,
      try to practice the Ollie standing while you hold on to something, a rail for example. You’ll get more comfortable soon and can try it without any help or even while rolling.

      Good luck!

  • Ryan Murphy

    Thank you for sharing step-by-step tutorial and FAQs! This content will greatly help skaters to do a higher ollie, especially beginners and those who already started doing ollies. Worth sharing! Please do continue sharing tutorials and tips on tricks!


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