December 2023

The Globe Liaizon colorway Oxblood/Maalouf by Christian Maalouf naturally impresses at first glance with its chic style, which is inspired by the classic loafer. The visual impression of the shoes is fabulous. Before the shoes were skated, they were part of a wedding outfit, because the Globe Liaizon also cuts a fine figure away from skating.

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Globe Skateboard Liaizon Maalouf Wear Test

First impression & fit

The Globe Liaizon has a vulcanized sole and the Globe Shockbed insole for impact support, which is decorated with subtle artwork. The hem of the shoes is lightly padded and the leather generally makes a very high-quality and robust impression.

Globe Skateboard Liaizon Maalouf Wear Test

I wear a US 12/EU 46 for almost all shoes and the Globe Liaizon fits me perfectly in a US 12. The shoe also has a relatively normal cut. The slip-on shoes fit securely and firmly on my feet. However, if you are wavering between two sizes and definitely want to skate in these shoes, I would advise you to go one size smaller.

The performance of the Globe Liaizon

The shoes are very comfortable and are also great to wear outside of skating. I had no problems skating in these shoes without needing to break them in.

Globe Skateboard Liaizon Maalouf Wear Test

With skate shoes, I often have the urgent feeling that I have to take them off after a session. I never had this feeling with the Globe Liaizon and the shoe was simply always comfortable. The Shockbed insole is very comfortable and protects feet well from harder impacts.


I skated with the Globe Liaizon shoes with relative flexibility and versatility. However, I avoided big gaps or stairs with a lot of impact for the most part. I also think that a slip-on shoe lacks the necessary robustness when it comes to bigger stuff. This is just my personal opinion though.

I skated many transitions, playful spots and curbs with the shoes. The left and right shoes were equally stressed by many Nollie tricks. The Liaizons offer great grip and board feel while providing a sense of safety and protection, despite feeling thin.

Globe Skateboard Liaizon Maalouf Wear Test

Visible wear

The leather of the shoes shows the first signs that the shoes have been skated. It is intentional that the leather takes on a different colour in the stressed areas due to the friction of the griptape.

Globe Skateboard Liaizon Maalouf Wear Test

It is therefore somewhat difficult to interpret the wear on the shoes. After several hours, apart from the visual change in the colour of the leather, there were hardly any signs of wear worth mentioning. The sole showed the first small signs of wear after about 20 hours of skating but continues to provide excellent cushioning.


Overall, I am very positively surprised by the durability of the Globe Liaizons. To be honest, I didn’t expect this from a loafer-oriented skate shoe. Traces of use and abrasion can of course still be seen. However, these look very impressive on the Liaizon from Globe and are also part of the style of the shoes.

If you are looking for a stylish and visually very unique skate shoe that is in no way inferior to other skate shoes in terms of performance, then you will definitely enjoy the Globe Liaizon.


  • durability
  • no breaking in period
  • unique discolouration of the leather when skating


  • none