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Brixton represents the Californian lifestyle of the first chop. Inspired by music, culture and the people surrounding them, this headwear brand tries to catch this unique atmosphere and to express it with its designs. Since 2004, Brixton stands for timeless headdresses that provide you an incomparable wearing comfort thanks to the fusion of modern styles and traditional details.

From Hat to Shirt - Brixton Attires Your Whole Body

In addition to Snapback Caps, Hooligan Hats and Fiddlers, Brixton has experimented with men’s streetwear for quite a while. From the rustic flannel shirt through to casual tank-tops and convenient T-shirts, the product line constantly expands. Now, you also find all-weather jackets, sweatshirts and accessories as well as backpacks and belts among the assortment. All styles can be easily combined with each other and give you an easy-going look that suits you perfectly in the city and the skate park.

Brixton - Gets to the Heart of Menswear

Based on the music realms of London’s district Brixton, the collections of the brand get inspired by the urban and multi-cultural style of big cities. Together with motifs and materials from nature, the modern mix of lumberjack and skateboarder does not only convince men, but also impresses women all through.

Whether it is a hat or a T-shirt, another specialty that all Brixton products share is their very own limitation. On the one hand, that makes the designs of this brand to highly coveted collectibles and on the other hand, it confers a peculiar status on the headwear.


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