In 2001 street artist and marketing specialist Shephard Fairey founded Obey Clothing in Santa Ana, California. It all started with a preposterous sticker from 1989 and lead to a worldwide known streetwear label. With individual designs Fairey wants to express his cultural influences, ideals and philosophical thoughts. With eager sarcasm and reverse psychology he represents his prints with the imperative “Obey” in order to be thought-provoking. Therefore, the streetwear label can be defined as a potpourri of skateboarding and pop culture, marketing and political statement with a clear propaganda background. Furthermore, Fairey’s work is inspired by classic military style as well as work wear which is combined with deliberately provocative elements. He knows what he’s talking about and that’s why also intellectual and economic entities take him seriously. Finally, Obey Clothing is under the motto: The Medium is the Message.