Skateboarding & The Olympics?! | Interview with Chris Haslam

There were a lot of thoughts, posts and tweets about the controversial topic “Skateboarding & The Olympic Games”. But what do the pro-skaters think about it? Gentsch sat down with Chris Haslam to discuss it in the details. When this years Olympic Games in Rio started a team of riders that skate for companies of [...]


Clips Of The Week – #34

Are you searching for the best video and clip releases of the week? We have good news for you: Your search has come to an end! In this section, you find the best clips and parts of the 34. week of 2016. So peel your eyes and enjoy! Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday [...]


DIY or Die! Built your own spot with Dakine!

Without DIY, skateboarding wouldn’t be skateboarding! To support the unique Do-it-yourself projects, Dakine and Kyle Berard created a the Tradesman collection. So, let this be an inspiration to get out there and build something this weekend! Following the principle “Don’t look for a spot, build it yourself!” Dakine as well as longtime team rider and [...]