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Longboards for beginners – our recommendations

Due to the huge range of different boards, it’s quite difficult to find the perfect longboard as a beginner. To make sure that you’ll find exactly the equipment that matches your expectations, skills and your budget, we’ve got some recommended complete longboards for you.

Longboards for Beginners

The first thing to think about while choosing a longboard is to know what you want to do with it. So when it comes to longboarding the disciplines differ from chilled out Cruising, to Carving and Dancing, to Freeride and Downhill. All the boards are especially designed and equipped for those disciplines, but of course the lines between similar disciplines such as freeride and downhill are blurred. Basically, there is just no board that can deal with every discipline.

To make your decision easier and to give you some insights, we’ve compiled some complete-longboards. Check out our tips!

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In principle you can cruise and carve with every board, but some features just make it much better: agile trucks, grippy wheels and a deck with a mellow amount of concave for nice response.


When choosing your freeride and downhill board you have to keep two things in mind. First, the board needs lots of concave to make sure your feet will stay on the deck while sliding. Second, they should be very stiff, which means that they should not have flex. If you like to ride switch, you should choose a symmetrically shaped board.

1. Symmetrical – Top-Mount

2. Symmetrical – Drop-Through

3. Asymmetrical


When choosing your dancer you should focus on looking for a long and wide board to have lots of space. If the board also has kicks and snappy flex for the flow it’s all the better!

We hope our longboard recommendations for beginners could facilitate your decision for the right longboard. If you want to know more about longboard decks, wheels and trucks you should definitely check out our Longboarding Wiki. Besides that, you can also always contact our customer service for an individual consulting.

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